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We teach passionate people how to build web applications
Beginner-focused. 3 months. Downtown Chicago. Code Academy is a game changer for your career.
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Learning to build web apps is hard without the necessary structure, support and guidance. We provide expert instruction, mentorship, and an immersive environment. You'll learn more in 3 months than most do in a year by attending Code Academy.

  • We Are Code Academy – Hear insights from students, staff and alumni about the influence of Code Academy.

  • Matt Duff (Code Academy student from Denver, CO) explains why he wants to learn how to build his dreams instead of work on someone else's.

  • David Heinemeier Hansson (Partner at 37Signals, Creator of Ruby on Rails, co-author of REWORK ) supports Code Academy.

  • Kevin Musiorski (Aspiring Developer, Code Academy student) is doing Code Academy to begin following his dreams and making his ideas real.

  • Arvin Dang (Code Academy student from Los Angeles, CA) explains why the Code Academy environment is optimal for learning and doing.

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