Code Academy

Invest in Yourself.
Books, tutorials, and screencasts can only go so far. Most of us need more than interactive text in order to effectively learn. 3 months of hands-on training will pay lifelong dividends.
Code Academy Application
Applications close August 12th at 11:59PM for the Fall Web Development, UX and HTML/CSS courses.

There are five main questions for you to answer. Be open and honest with your answers. We're a beginner-focused course so we don't care about any pre-requisites. Instead convince us with your passion and your persistence. Indicate your class preference at the end of the application.

Learn Ruby on Rails in 3 months of hands-on, personalized learning. No previous development experience required. Spend 10 hours a week in a classroom setting learning the practical components that go into building real-world web applications. Build and launch your own applications, then present them at Code Academy Demo Day.

The tuition for the Web Development program is $6,000. We offer two Web Development programs per quarter, each with 26 spots.

Step deeper into design philosophy and HTML5/CSS3 techniques with our UX and Beginner or Advanced HTML/CSS courses. For 10 weeks, spend 3 hours one evening a week, per class, to fully immerse yourself in user experience design and front-end web development.

The tuition for the UX and HTML/CSS courses are individually discounted at $1871 each in honor of our new location. If you take the courses together, it's discounted to $3,000. Each class has 28 spots per quarter.

Congrats! You’ve made the first step.

You will hear from us within a week after you submit your application. If we feel that you could be a potential fit for the program, we will contact you to schedule an in-person or video interview as soon as we can. Thanks for your interest in Code Academy!

Who are we accepting?
People that are passionate.

You care about doing meaningful work. You have a burning desire to solve problems. You want to do great things and make a dent in the universe.

People that are tenacious.

You can withstand the demand of a fast-paced learning environment. You are diligent, focused and persistent. If you’re quick to give up, this isn’t for you.