Code Academy

Do meaningful work.
If you have a burning desire to solve a problem, if you’re here because you want to make a dent in the universe by helping others, then this is the program for you.
24/7 is our Culture

Learning doesn't stop when class does. Your time spent outside of class is just as valuable as the time spent in it. Since you’re here to solve meaningful problems, you need to surround yourself with the right people and the right motivation to get things done. Code Academy is your space. Here you’ll find students working at all hours, pushing one another to accelerate their learning and their vision. Code Academy is where learners grow and passionate thinkers build. And we don’t stop.

Who We Are
  • Brittany_laughlin
    “The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. Thankfully, I understand more than ever before. If you would’ve asked me 5 weeks ago the importance of a Boolean variable, the reason to install rvm or even what MVC is - I would’ve assumed you were speaking a foreign language. And you were. Thanks to an incredible instructor, classmates, mentors and more, I now understand the fundamentals of Ruby. I’ve even started building! (a task that seemed extremely daunting a month ago). Code Academy classes and the people in it are awesome. So much knowledge, it will be really cool to see what everyone creates out of this class.”
  • Salta_profile
    “As a Computer Science student I was skeptical that this course would be mind blowing for me at the beginning. I thought that it was just a good way for me to learn the syntax of RoR and to organize myself to work on my project so I thought why not just do it with a group of passionate people. But after the first class I knew it was the best decision I ever made. I remember in the first class, Jeff said that he wants to help us to become not only developers but contributors to the community, although there were people who’ve never seen a snippet of code in their life. It made me think: “Damn, this guy is serious!” As we covered more material, it was harder for me to leave Code Academy for my classes at UChicago. But, I know that it’s worth it, because Jeff teaches us not just programming, but different ways of implementing the same thing as well as best practices of doing it. What more can you ask for?”
  • Jin_hwang_profile
    “Back when I graduated from business school, I NEVER thought I’d take another class. Not only was I wrong but I’m ecstatic that I’m wrong. In 4 classes, I’ve learned how to launch web apps and build my own database. What?? I know… it’s hard to believe. Just this past Thursday, I was pair programming with my classmate, Alfonso, and we were getting bombarded with knowledge bombs. On two separate occasions, there was virtual brain matter all around us after our minds were blown. Thanks, Jeff Cohen! He’s our super cool instructor.”
  • Luis_vega_profile
    “If flying 8,167 miles across the world (yes, I checked my Expedia ticket) to pursue a passion isn’t hungry, foolish and crazy, then I don’t know what is. I’ve just gone through my first week at Code Academy and I just can’t seem to understand how I can be even more pumped now that I’ve arrived. The atmosphere has just been really exciting and electrifying. Meeting the mentors, actual developers and most especially my peers is really the best part so far. I’m getting to know so many people and I’m really interested in hearing all of their stories and backgrounds.”
  • Matt_duff_profile
    “I have tried multiple times to go through tutorials or programming books to learn how to program. The ultimate challenge of the approach for me was that I couldn’t ask for further explanation from someone with more knowledge than myself to explain something to me. Our instructor, Jeff Cohen, goes through each session with us explaining different elements of the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails. This is invaluable. If I don’t understand a principle about what we are learning I can simply ask for it to be explained.”
  • Dave_anderson_profile
    “I took some programming courses in college and have messed around with HTML, but I've never actually coded an application or anything (until last week!). I learned more in eight hours of instructed class time than I would have in months of self teaching. I’ve found that the practical, hands-on Code Academy approach to learning is much more enjoyable (and probably more useful) than what I’d likely pick up in a community college type course focused more on theory. So far, the learning environment and program has been top notch, and I can’t wait to see what the Code Academy community accomplishes by the end of the class.”
  • Rudy_on_rails_profile
    “I feel like I need to pinch myself. I can’t believe where I am compared to where I’ve been the past few years. Haven’t felt this type of motivation and interest since I was crazy about computers in general in the early 2000’s. In mid August, I left IT Support to invest 100% of my time into learning Ruby and Rails in order to commit to building the ideas that have been pouring out of me since I was 18. I put my two weeks in, and on my last day of work, I found out about Code Academy. I was speechless. I said to myself, “I can’t believe something like this exists.” It was the perfect fitting program for me.”
  • Danica_tiu_profile
    “The biggest takeaway I have from the first week has absolutely nothing to do with coding and everything to do with the people. I am absolutely astounded by everyone else in the class – their stories, motivation, and determination – and am slowly finding the courage to dissolve a business that I worked 1.5 years to build. This is a class built on passion – people have quit jobs and traveled across the nation (and globe!) for Code Academy – and it’s time to take a cue from my classmates and follow what my (geeky) heart is telling me to do.”
  • Vincent_cabansag_profile
    “If I just wanted to learn Ruby syntax and the Rails framework, then I would have stuck to online tutorials and overly bland textbooks. I’ve been there and it’s a lonely learning experience. I came to Code Academy to learn in a rich, collaborative learning environment and that is exactly what it is. David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of the Rails framework, was kind enough to do a Q&A with us on the first day of class! Neal Sales-Griffin, Mike McGee and Jeff Cohen are passionate about teaching, learning and building a program that will last. I’m honored to be part of the inaugural class.”
  • Dave_levine_profile
    “It’s evident I’m apart of something special. The unique and diverse group of talented individuals provides a learning environment that I have truly never seen or been apart of before. Collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs that have the same drive and enthusiasm truly provides an unmatched environment to shine. Code Academy has exceeded all of my expectations. I’m so impressed by the hard work and energy from Neal Sales-Griffin (aka The Godfather), Mike McGee (The Mayor) and Jeff Cohen. Their passion to make sure everyone has the best experience they can have to learn and grow just ensures more confidence that we will prevail.”
  • Mike_ebert_profile
    “We knew that class would move quickly, but I’m not sure any of my classmates or I realized that we would be building fully functioning Rails apps after just five or six classes (even if they are simple and locally hosted)— but the most impressive part is actually how well we understand these apps. We probably could have gotten a functioning app up much more quickly using scaffolds and templates, but Jeff, our teacher, did a wonderful job of showing us how to build things from scratch- and more importantly, making sure we understood what was happening- and then in a matter of fell swoops shows us the quick way to get things up and running.”
  • Tom_cullen_profile
    “As we are really ramping up, it is impossible not to want to spend every possible minute working on all things Code Academy. The class is starting to see how the programming will fit in with their startup visions and the excitement is explosive. The excitement every day is something you can feel in the air. We celebrate everyones victories and rush to help anyone who needs a lift. I can only imagine that this is what it feels like to be on a Super Bowl team destined for victory.”
  • Arvin_dang_profile
    “I’ve reached a point though where I, for the first time, feel comfortable translating the coding experience into the language experience. In essence, the ability to put into words what my computer is thinking.”
  • Cesarpereira
    “What do you get when you combine the Chicago startup scene that is blowing up, Ruby on Rails instruction from Jeff Cohen, and world-class mentors and advisers? The answer is Code Academy. I have been toying with Ruby on Rails for a few months, but decided I wanted to fully dive in and start using Ruby on Rails for all my new web development. That is about the time I found out about Code Academy via Jason Fried. As soon as I read through the program I could not stop thinking about it. I’ve been in web development for 12 years and I knew I would pick up Ruby on Rails with some time, but I could not resist the numerous benefits of the overall program.”
  • Alfonso_rush_profile
    “It’s all happening so fast, the class, the books (we got BOOKS MAN!),surprise guest speakers that have all been amazing and encouraging, so much coming at us at the same time from multiple directions and I love it. I feel like this is the college experience I didn’t have but wanted when I was in school.”
  • Geoff_massanek_profile
    “When was the last time you were with 35 other people that were equally as motivated as you to make big changes and accomplish something really exciting? There were students here at 9:30 last Friday working on tutorials. Have a question? 35 people probably want to help you figure it out. Can’t say it enough - it’s awesome.”