Code Academy

Asked and Answered.
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How often are classes offered?

Code Academy classes are offered four quarters a year. Winter quarter begins in January, followed by Spring quarter in April, Summer quarter in July and Fall quarter in October. Each quarter is 10 to 11 weeks depending on which courses you take.

Does Code Academy offer financing?

Code Academy requests your full moral and financial support on acceptance. Since we're not accredited we're not eligible for public grants or student loans. Our students have found many ways to finance their tuition, however. Personal loans/donations, campaigns on sites such as or, and convincing companies or people to sponsor them.

How are foreign students able to attend Code Academy?

Since Code Academy classes last 10 to 11-weeks most of our foreign students have visitor visa's within the US for at least 90 days. This allows them enough time to visit Chicago and attend Code Academy.

Will I learn all the web development I need to learn in 3 months?

The goal for the web dev program is to be able to build a prototype MVP (Minimum Viable Product) application using the Ruby on Rails framework. We accelerate your progress on the path toward unlocking your potential as a web developer, entrepreneur, or both. You'll also gain a lifetime's worth of new and meaningful connections with your fellow alums, mentors, Code Academy staff, and the greater Chicago development and entrepreneurial communities.

How does the mentorship program work?

Our mentorship program is one of the most important parts of the Code Academy experience. Students are connected with either a professional developer/designer or a standout alum that has gone through Code Academy. Mentors can often help with both technical and career guidance, but it remains the responsibility of the student to seek out help when needed. Mentors meet with their designated student at least once a week.

Can you do both Development and Design courses?

Yes. However, we don't encourage students to take on more than they can allocate time for. Both classes are intensive and we'd rather you focus on one or the other if you don't feel you have the time for both.

Will I be able to get a job after completing Code Academy?

The road will be long (3 months at CA is only the beginning), but it will definitely be worthwhile if you're willing to invest the time necessary! Many of our students have taken full advantage of Code Academy resources to start building a new career. We've had students who have come in with no prior development and design experience find apprenticeships and work after their experience here. Everyone's path is different. We've found the keys to starting a new career or business are passion for solving a problem that's meaningful to you, never give up, connect with others in the community, and help others along the way.

What's the average time commitment outside class?

We leave this up to each student to decide, but if you want to get the most out of your Code Academy experience, you'll find that spending 15-20 hours per week outside of class working on projects, attending community events, researching new technologies, and working with others will make a profound difference. We provide access to our space for you to work out of 24/7 (that is whenever our other classes aren't in session).

What is 1871? What is Code Academy's role?

1871 is Chicago's new 50,000 sq/ft startup hub in the Merchandise Mart. Code Academy is a launch partner with 1871 on its educational programs and has two dedicated classrooms in the space. Being alongside passionate entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and innovators everyday presents an amazing opportunity for our students, our program, and our city.

How are housing accommodations in Chicago?

We have a private listserv for incoming Code Academy students to communicate with each other and figure out housing accommodations. Our students have been able to find apartments fairly easy, and some have even been able to stay together during their time at Code Academy. The rent typically ranges from $550-$900 month. Public transportation in Chicago is pretty awesome, so if you get a CTA pass ( you will have access to most of the city. We are conveniently located in downtown Chicago, so there will be a lot awesome things happening close by.

What if I have a project before entering Code Academy?

Every student is strongly encouraged to enter Code Academy with a meaningful problem they need to solve. There is also an opportunity to collaborate with others across multiple projects, including your own. It's rare finding so many students, from such diverse backgrounds collaborating around a single goal. We encourage you to leverage it by making the most of your connections and skill–sets.

How does Demo Day work?

There's a growing opportunity for you to dig deeper into thinking about your ideas and how they're built. As a Code Academy student you have the opportunity to really open and share your ideas, and hear what others want to build. Together as a group of passionate problem-solvers you each can spend the quarter building together until Demo Day, where you present what you've built in collaboration with fellow students.

What if I have multiple ideas?

We suggest picking one to start with. Building a single solution from start to finish provides a better learning experience than trying to juggle multiple ideas at the same time.