Code Academy

The best environment you’ve ever done work in.
Code Academy is located in the heart of downtown Chicago where you’ll be surrounded by people that are passionate, motivated, and excited to learn.
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    Welcome to 1871. Your journey begins here.

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    Our New Home

    Code Academy will have two dedicated classrooms located in the heart of 1871. We will also be partnering with 1871 on its educational programs, so that means more opportunities for you!

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    24/7 Access

    Students in our spring quarter program will have 24/7 access to our new space at 1871. Bring your sleeping bags and a toothbrush, you might not be leaving for awhile.

  • Brittany_thinking

    "Many people from Code Academy are there for many hours after class ends. While I'm at Code Academy I can pair with people and ask questions of those around me to help me get through an issue I am having."

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    Pair programming and collaborative design processes are at the core of our teaching philosophy at Code Academy. Our priority is to foster an environment that encourages and promotes people working with each other.

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    "As our instructor told us from the beginning, the pace of our class is analogous to a plane taxiing before taking off. It starts slow, but builds speed quickly before lifting off. Our class is building speed at the moment." - Michael Verdi

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    Our measure of success stems from the city of Chicago itself. Passion and persistence is at its very core.

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    We're artists as much as we are builders. We seek inspiration both in our work and in our environment.

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    Share in your ideas and in your journey openly and confidently. Each student shares in an experience and a lesson.

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    Enjoy the space to play, share and work. Spread out in teams, work one-on-one, or find a quiet corner for yourself.

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    Code Academy + 1871

    Just like we built Code Academy for people who wanted to learn how to develop and design web applications, 1871 stands for young startups who want to solve meaningful problems for themselves, the city of Chicago, and the world.