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Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and passionate educators that have galvanized around the idea that the world is in dire need of more creators.
Lead Mentors
Jim Jacoby @manifestdigital

Jim established Manifest Digital in an effort to find meaningful connections in an increasingly disconnected space. He is a well-respected leader in the industry with a 15+ year track record of delivering work based on user-centered design principles. Early in his career, he knew customers would demand tools that integrate into their world, rather than migrating onto channels, platforms, or widgets. As a result, he is an expert in assembling cross-functional teams to solve complex problems with an experience design tool set. He has carefully assembled talent to ensure the delivery of cross-platform and cross-channel products. The result is a seamless customer engagement.

Dave Hoover @redsquirrel

Dave Hoover is a software developer, manager, and trouble-maker at Groupon in Chicago. Dave was a principal at Obtiva (acquired by Groupon in August, 2011) where he founded and led an apprenticeship program that is still going strong at Groupon today. Dave authored "Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the aspiring software craftsman" and instigated the "Software Craftsmanship North America" conference. He has spoken at tech conferences in places like Scotland, Sweden, and South Africa, but if you ask him, he prefers Chicago's own @geekfest. Dave competes in endurance sports in order to keep up with his wife and three kids. In a past life, Dave was a child and family therapist.

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